This time I want to write a few words about Your Name Full Movie. This movie was released in 2016, one month after the manga’s premiere. This weird anime tells the story about a high-school girl and boy from Tokyo in Japan who swap bodies.

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What is Kimi No Na Wa about?

The whole story starts when both Mitsuha and Taki change their bodies, and they didn’t remember that. Their memories quickly blur. Over time they realized that these experiences are true when each other’s family and close friends tell them they’ve been acting weird. After that, they began to leave notes on mobile phones and started to communicate. They began to understand what was going on. During body swaps in Kimi No Na Wa full movie, Taki and Mitsuha started to help each other. Mitsuha helps Taki improve a relationship between his partner, while he helps Mitsuha become popular in school. Sometime later Taki woke up in his own body and he realized that he couldn’t get in contact with Mitsuha, therefore the whole body switching ends. After that, he decided to visit her personally but he didn’t remember her name, all of his memories are fading. When Taki finally found her family, he realized that their timelines were separated by three years, almost like time traveling. He found a kuchikamizake and after drinking it, he reconnected to Mitsuha’s body and he gets to know about her past where her father left their family when her mother died. He also discovered that Mitsuha felt in love with him. When she went to visit him before the comet crash, she met her younger self and gives her Mitsuha’s name and address. When he woke up in his body, he meets the true identity of Mitsuha. Her grandmother told him the true story about kuchikamizake and body switching in their family. He also convinced her friends and family to evacuate the whole village before the comet struck.

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In the next scene, Mitsuha wakes in Taki’s body and they realized that they live in a separated timeline. They traveled back to their bodies and finally met. Taki tells her to convince her father to evacuate the whole town. Before the return to their timelines, they wrote each other names on their hand to remember that but Mitsuha left before she could write his name.

When Mitsuha came back to town and looked at her hand, she saw “I love you” instead of his name. She convinces the father to evacuate a village before come to service innocent people.

Our Opinion On Your Name

We have a lot to say about this movie. Kimi No Na Wa is one of our favorite anime movies, mostly because of the stunning animations and the well-acting characters. This is a perfect movie for middle school viewers and up, this because they can appreciate the combined adventure and romance which younger viewers wouldn’t really understand because of their age. We would also like to warn young kids because in Kimi No Na Wa people are smoking, and are using brief language.

The character design is very beautiful. Mitsuha, our favorite character, has really nice facial expressions and animations. Her voice acting has also been done very well by Stephanie Sheh. This magical story of your name full movie is really at the top of our list of favorite anime movies. We can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s a movie with one of the best storylines we have ever reviewed.