Spirited Away Full Movie is an animated adventure- fantasy movie released in 2001. Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The whole fantasy story starts with narration about Chihiro Ogino (Hiiragi) – a somber 10-year old girl who by accident enters the spirit world. The bad witch, who transforms people into pigs, did that to Chihiro’s parents. Therefore, after that Chihiro takes a job to find a way to escape back to the human world and help her parents.

The whole Spirited Away Online Movie Story

Chihiro Ogino, who is a 10-year-old girl, and her parents are traveling trough Japan to their new house, but Chihiro’s father takes a wrong road. In one moment they enter a fantasy world. Chihiro’s father convinced them to explore this unexplored area. While her parents eat gobble in a restaurant, she takes a bath and meets a boy in the same age. His name is Haku, he warns her to leave this place and cross the river before sunset. Unfortunately, it was too late because her parents have turned into pigs by the bad witch and they can’t leave and cross the river and in the end, they are trapped in the spiritual world.

spirited away full movie
When Haku finds Chihiro, she tells her that she must find a job to not disappear, with the job she will be untouchable. She tells her to go to the Kamaji and ask him for a job, even if he refuses. Kamaji has a lot of workers and he doesn’t want a new one. Instead, he tells her to go to Yabuba, she will find a job for her, and that’s happened, but in the result, Yabuba takes Chihiro her name and called her “Su”. After that, when Chihiro is visiting her parents with Haku, Chichiri (Sen) Finds a card addressed to her (Chihiro) and realises that she already forgot her name. Haku warns her before Yabuba who takes each other names and control people and if she forgets her name as he forgets his she will never leave this world.

One day when Sen is looking trough the windows she sees a Dragon who is attacked by a paper Shikigami and recognizes that he is transformed into Haku. While injured and sick, Dragon (Haku) crashed into Yabuba’s room and San follows him. When she reaches Yabuba’s house, the paper Shikigami transforms into Yabuba’s twin sister – Zeniba who transforms a Yabuba’s baby into a mouse and Yabuba’s bird into a little bird. Zeniba says that the Dragon has stolen a magic seal from her and tells that it will kill him. Haku won’t cure so San decides to return a stolen seal and apologize Zeniba for Haku and ask her for help. So she travels with the little bird and mouse on her arm to the Zeniba’s house.

Sen, bird, and mouse meet Zeniba in her house and she revealed that Chihiro’s (Sen’s) love to Haku breaks the cure and killed the black slug which Yabuba used to control Haku with for years.

Dragon (Haku) appears in front of Zeniba’s house and apologizes her and takes Sen and her friends back to the bathhouse. During the flight, Sen reminds that she met Haku before when she was young and remember his name – Kohaku. From now he was totally free from Yabuba. When they arrive in the bathhouse, Yabuba orders Sen to recognize her parents from a group of pigs to break her curse and to get back to her world. Sen answers that none of the parents is hers so Chihiro breaks the curse and goes back to the real world. Her parents don’t remember what happened.