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A Silent voice movie known also as Koe No Katachi, it is a school anime drama written in Japan by Reiko Yoshida, produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada. The whole movie, anime and manga story is about Shouya Ishida. He was a criminal who physical and violet blackmailed Shoko Nishimiya in Koe No Katachi full movie. As we see in his memories he took the main role in abusing his friend who was deaf together with his friends when he was in school. He wasn’t the only one, even teachers who looked the other way during these “jokes” and other friends who decided to do it with him. After a long period of blackmailing Nishimiya transferred to another school, then all his deeds turned against him. And making Shouya a scapegoat for all what he did. All of these happenings becomes the turning point of his whole life. The first original A Silent Voice manga story

The whole story starts in school where Ishida being blackmailed to the point that he decided that there is no reason in having friends in school. Ishida having no plans for future and meaning of life, he even contemplated committing suicide. But then in one moment of his life, he becomes best friends with Nishimiya, who is lonely because of her timidity. By realizing that they are suffering from sins years ago. Ishida went on a path of redemption trying to connect back together Nishimiya and their old friends from school that Nishimiya never ever had a possibility to be a friend back then.

Both Nishimiya and Shouya go through a bad series of life altering events to define the relationship. Ishida decides to move on and leave the past, and begin a fresh one by revealing his love to Nishimiya.

Review about Koe no Katachi Full Movie:

As I was a child I always loved to watch animated productions and nowadays I like to watch great anime such a Dragon Ball or One Piece. Time has become a brand-new Japanese movie called Koe no Katachi ( A Silent Voice ). It’s adaptation of Anime and Manga which was announced in manga’s last chapter on November 19, 2014. You can see a silent voice movie online above.

I saw A silent voice full movie a few days after the film’s release, It lasts 129 minutes so it’s amazing 2 hours animated movie which story is about two lonely people who try to connect with their classmates in different ways. It’s Incorrect statement that animated movies are only for children. Otherwise, A Silent Voice Movie tells us an incredible story about few different and important life themes which are mostly overlooked by people. It’s worth to watch and discuss animated movies such A Silent Movie to debate on the same intellectual level as normal popular movies.

Why should you watch Koe No Katachi full movie?

A Silent Voice anime told as a story about blackmailing and isolation 2 people from rest of the world. Because of Ishida’s depression, he has a problem with getting friends, especially at school. In the movie, it is shown by striking people by the letter X. Also, we can not see their faces just body parts as arms, legs, and part of the faces. In my opinion his isolation from the world and other people it is very well communicated to the viewers. The Ishida’s voice is also cut-up, he is unable to concentrate on the other people eyes.

koe no katachi full movie

Next similar character is Nishimiya, she is shy with an anger to the world for that she can’t communicate with the rest of the world naturally, even after changing school she still passes many difficulties in life. In the other hand, A Silent Movie is warm with some loud and funny comedy scenes and a lot of cute moments when you can smile. If you like the story of this movie you can watch Koe No Katachi online on our website.


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