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History of animeKatsudō Shashin

Anime is Japanese for hand-drawn or computer animations. These animations began in the 20th century. This happened when filmmakers were experimenting with animation techniques. The first Japanese ever created was Katsudō Shashin. This was a private work, one century later the creator has yet to be found. Around 1930 the animations were very known in Japan. This became an alternative for the industry. In these years the first talkie anime (animation with sound) was created. The name of this anime was Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka, this was produced in 1933 by Masaoka.

Anime characters

angry super deformed characterThe bodies of anime characters tend to accurately reflect the real human body proportions. Head heights will always be different. Usually, the characters have a size of around seven heads. Sometimes authors like to make super deformed characters. These characters are usually very small and chubby but they are created with an oversized head. They to this to make them resemble small kids. Anime fans refer to small people as ‘chibi’.

Another common thing for anime character creators to do is to use an exaggerated eye size. These characters can be traced back to the manga artist that created characters like Betty Boop, a woman with unproportionate eyes. Most artists give the eyes a color shading to make it seem like they have a greater depth. Usually, they will use a mix of light shades, tone colors and dark shades. The combination of these will make the character outstanding.

The most colorful and uniquely styled part of an anime character is often their hair. Just like the eyes are usually exaggerated, the movement of the hair has the same. The creators use hair action to add an extra visual effect to the person.

happy anime character

Anime and manga creators seem to draw really clear facial expressions to show a character’s thoughts or mood. When a character is happy, for example, they give him a nice smile and flushed cheeks.

Interesting anime genres

We are addicted to watching animes and we have found that not every anime fan knows what genre they are actually watching. Every movie comes with a specific set of genres and we will explain some of the most interesting genres in the anime movie scene.


The demon genre is very extraordinary. This genre has become more popular since the rising popularity of demon-like characters and elements. Not only demon characters fall under this genre, but also ghosts, monsters, and other demon-like creatures. You would think that a movie with this genre automatically would have the horror genre as well. This is not the case since demon characters also work very will with regular genres, such as adventure movies like spirited away.


This genre has to do with awkward love situations. Have you ever seen an anime movie where multiple females are gearing towards a male character? Well, that would probably be a Harem. This genre is usually combined by the romantic genre. Sometimes it can also happen that there is no romance in the anime. If that’s the case it is a comedy.

MechaSuisei no Gargantia

Mecha animes have robots or any other mechanical unit in it. This genre is rising very quick due to it being very cool in the eyes of their fans. The movies and series in this genre are often combined by the sci-fi (science fiction) genre. A popular example of a mecha anime is Suisei no Gargantia.

Popular anime movies

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

We have watched Koe no Katachi over and over again, this is definitely our favorite movie. The art is perfect, the characters are true to their design and have amazing animations. The use of sound and music in A Silent Voice is really creative. One downside was that multiple side characters had their story cut. This left us with some empty characters which we didn’t really like. Overall, we really enjoyed Koe no Katachi full movie and we would watch this one again for sure.


ponyoThought the movie Totoro was cute? Prepare yourself for the cuteness of Ponyo. She is the cutest fish human you will ever see. This movie based on The Little Mermaid is definitely a recommendation. The main characters Ponyo and Sousuke really make a nice storyline. High-quality animations have also been used while creating this movie. We are not going to spoil the whole anime, so if you are interested you should go and watch the Ponyo full movie online.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a movie in the fantasy genre. In Spirited Away full movie the animations are really nice. This is a bit of a short review but to get to know the movie better you have to watch it yourself.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)

Your Name is definitely one of our favorite movies as well. This movie has one of the best storylines out of all movies we’ve ever watched with our team. The animations when Mitsuha and Taki change their bodies are one of the most beautiful things we have even seen. In your name full movie, it’s all about time traveling, we really recommend this anime if you are into science-fiction.